Affiliate Page


To create a promotion for a product, copy the URL from the product and paste into the “Page URL” field. (The field defaults to the website’s address, but this must be replaced with a course URL to generate your referral.) Simply go to that product’s page and copy the URL from your Navigation Bar and paste in the Page URL field. Name your campaign so you can keep track of which product is being promoted, then generate a custom URL for your promotion. (You may create as many campaign URLs as you desire, but make sure you save the promo Custom URL for your chosen course before creating a new Custom URL for the next course.)

You can copy your Custom URL to a social media post, blog, email, website, or any other online activity, and you will be paid a commission on anyone who clicks the URL to view the product and then purchases it. (as long as the purchase happens within 20 days of the initial click to the product). You may track the visits generated by your Custom URL, actual referrals, and payouts in the top menu.